Turning real estate into a liquid currency

YieldCoin is an asset-backed digital currency that transforms how real estate is developed, owned and sold.

Token purchase opportunities will be available during 2020

The problem we’re addressing

95% of real estate is illiquid, locking up over $217 trillion of capital. Buyers and owners are routinely inconvenienced by the length of time and cost required to purchase, sell or release value from an asset.

The rate at which new assets are built is also impacted by illiquidity, due to developers often being unable to recycle capital rapidly from a completed project to a new one, leading to higher financing costs.

Illiquidity is caused primarily by poor transacting infrastructure, and a lack of innovation in financing products. Incumbents, such as portals, agents and lenders have shown little appetite to invest in the technology and regulatory changes required to resolve these underlying issues.

Fresh thinking about financial products, together with the application of existing technology, can vastly reduce illiquidity and the inconvenience it causes. An intelligently-designed digital currency can be a significant catalyst in this process.


About Us

YieldCoin is an asset-backed digital currency created by iYield, the operator of an innovative real estate portal focused on making residential and commercial properties easier to buy, invest in, own and sell.

When we founded Yield we wanted to demonstrate that anyone could become a property owner with just a small down payment, and that the capital they invested could be returned to them at market value at any time. Our first step in 2015 was to launch a platform that could split any property into fractional equity and debt interests, tradable online in real time. We then started building infrastructure to make every investable real estate asset searchable though the iYield platform, with all the funding, closing and re-selling steps available in one place. We’re creating a new generation of Flexible Ownership products as part of this process, introducing simplicity, speed and convenience to the experience of funding, owning and selling a property.

YieldCoin will play a crucial role in the iYield eco-system, driving construction, renovation and innovative ownership programmes globally, and opening up real estate to a much wider audience.

iYield is managed by a passionate team of entrepreneurs with a strong track record in investing in and building technology businesses.


  • Generate income & growth from a diversified portfolio of real estate assets
  • Gain exposure to a real estate technology platform focused on end-to-end online transacting and liquidity
  • Participate in new building programmes and renovations of existing commercial & residential real estate
  • Drive the growth of a new generation of Flexible Ownership products
  • Benefit from the growth of a regulated trading venue for real estate interests and security tokens, including YieldCoin
  • Own an asset-backed security token that is promoted in a fully regulatory-compliant way

YieldCoin invests the majority of the proceeds of token sales into real estate assets across the world's major economies, with the balance invested in iYield, a new type of portal that aims to transform how everyone buys, owns and sells real estate.

iYield combines powerful, whole-of-market search, funding and online transacting engines, significantly reducing the friction and inefficiency involved in buying, investing in, and releasing value from real estate assets.

iYield’s highly innovative technology, incorporating its proprietary real estate-backed digital currency and regulated trading environment, will, for the first time, provide effective and scalable liquidity infrastructure for privately-held assets.

mobile application

Token sale summary

YieldCoin tokens will be sold in a series of sales, commencing with Series 1 which will run during 2020. 100% of the proceeds of each Series sale will be invested in the YieldCoin holding company and iYield.

Accepted currencies
Token price
1 YC = 1 USD
Token type
Soft cap
Hard cap


June 2015
Creation of iYield's fractional real estate trading platform
July 2017
Commencement of YieldCoin development
August 2017
Review of YieldCoin structure with the FCA
November 2017
YieldCoin development completed
February 2020
Launch of upgraded iYield liquidity portal
June 2020
Launch of first Flexible Ownership products
July 2020
Commencement of YieldCoin public token sale
October 2020
Launch of US real estate search engine
January 2021
Launch of iYield's Multilateral Trading Facility (MTF)
March 2021
Trading of iYield Group shares & YieldCoin on iYield's MTF
May 2021
Trading of selected other cryptocurrencies on iYield's MTF
November 2021
Transition to proprietary YieldCoin blockchain

Meet the team


Paul Toon


Paul has 25 years’ experience advising, founding, managing & investing in technology companies across Europe & North America. He spent 7 years managing over $300M of venture capital & growth debt funds, raising and investing over $70M into 30 companies across Europe and North America. He spent the first 9 years of his career in M&A, initially at Merrill Lynch, helping entrepreneurs scale businesses internationally, before acting as COO of two early-stage technology companies for which he raised several rounds of finance. He is passionate about innovation and the concept of liquidity, having made venture capital investments a number of technology-focused companies that completed successful IPOs, remaining on the Board of one for several years after it listed. Paul co-founded Elevate Capital, the parent company of iYield, in order to address the problem of illiquidity in assets, and in 2015 built the world's first real-time trading platform for privately-held real estate equity and debt. He graduated from Oxford University.

Project manager

Adam Clarey

Project manager

With an academic background in AI (1st class BSc Hons) and over 15 years experience in enterprise web & software development. Adam has been responsible for delivering and maintaining the YieldCoin web platform.

In his career, Adam has been responsible for delivering everything from highly sensitive R&D systems for Siemens to fintech start-up projects across the globe. With an emphasis on security and scalability, the YieldCoin platform is a safe and highly intuitive platform for investors.

Snr Crypto Consultant

Paul Miller

Snr Crypto Consultant

A senior web developer with over 10 years experience building enterprise level web systems for Fortune 500 clients.

Paul has been involved in the crypto world since the early days of Bitcoin and has been a crypto-evangelist with a particular interest in building Ethereum Smart Contracts on top of mining and trading. YieldCoin has been a particularly interesting project due to the nuanced complexity and innovation throughout the entire business.

Advisory board

Pierre Foucault

Advisory board

Pierre has 15 years’ experience in corporate banking, derivatives, venture capital and growth finance. He has spent 10 years investing in & lending to growth companies across Europe & Australia, including 4 years at venture funds in London and Paris investing in technology-focused companies alongside Paul Toon.

Pierre co-founded Elevate Capital, the parent company of iYield and advises the company on product development and investment analytics. He graduated from La Rochelle university and has an MBA from Bentley University.

Product Manager

Simon Tucker

Product Manager

Simon has spent 5 years focusing on innovation in real estate and curating news on emerging technologies. He graduated from Reading University with a degree in Real Estate, with a final year thesis on understanding bitcoin fundamentals and how and why potential blockchain applications and services would be possible in the real estate industry.

Simon carried out research at the Saïd Business School at Oxford University leading to a contribution on blockchain in “PropTech 3.0: The future of Real Estate” in collaboration with Professor Andrew Baum. Simon works with iYield on product research and development, including blockchain-based transacting and YieldCoin.

Investment Analyst, Avignon Capital

Jack Pearce

Investment Analyst, Avignon Capital

Jack is a member of the investment team at Avignon Capital, iYield’s real estate asset management partner, which manages over €1 billion of commercial properties across several sectors. Jack is responsible for sourcing, underwriting and executing UK and European investment opportunities, including assets being tokenised for YieldCoin.
Jack graduated from the University of Reading with a degree in Investment & Finance in Real Estate.


The NAV for YieldCoin indicates the estimated liquidation value of the assets held, acting as a theoretical "floor price" for the price of each token.

YieldCoin is meant primarily to be a store of value that helps make real estate assets more liquid and accessible. We intend to offer YieldCoin investors a debit card in late 2020 to use their holdings to buy goods and services, and will also review opportunities to enable merchants to receive payment in YieldCoin.

YieldCoin cannot be mined, the tokens are minted by the operators of YieldCoin periodically to invest in real estate assets and the iYield platform.

We intend to list YieldCoin on iYield's own exchange in early 2021, and will enter into discussions with other exchanges that are authorised to trade security tokens once the first token sale has completed.

Tokens will be minted in a series of sales, with no fixed upper limit on the number in circulation. Unlike many other digital currencies, 100% of the proceeds of YieldCoin token sales are invested in assets capable of generating income and / or capital gains.

YieldCoin is a security token due to the economic rights that investors have in the assets and businesses that YieldCoin owns and operates. Our intention has always been to treat YieldCoin as a security token, for which reason we took the step of meeting with the UK's financial regulator, the FCA, in 2017 to discuss the characteristics of the token, and confirm the basis for promoting it. We are aware of a number of real estate asset-backed digital currencies in the market which claim not to be security tokens, but are clearly offering access to income and / or capital gains. Investors considering any asset-backed token should review the selling documents to ensure that the token has been or will be promoted in compliance with local security laws in order to avoid the risk that a regulatory authority will take action against the token promoters and potentially close down the scheme.

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